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October 31, 2023

Boost your Data Visualization with Advanced Charts and Enhanced Dashboard Creation

Data is far more than a mere buzzword – it's a strategic asset with the potential to drive success and growth. Whether it's sales figures or customer engagement metrics, data underpins every decision and action. However, there's a crucial element to consider. Without the right tools for visualization, mining actionable insights from data can be an uphill battle. For instance, imagine the need to identify the most effective marketing channels for driving website traffic and conversions. A standa

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October 17, 2023

Data-Driven Decision Making: What Can Analytics Tell You About Customer Preferences

Companies are swimming in a sea of data, coming from various touchpoints, in today's digital landscape. The challenge is not just collecting this data but also turning it into actionable insights. While intuition has its place, making decisions based on data-driven insights is more reliable. This is where data analytics plays a pivotal role. It allows decision-makers to base their strategies on historical and real-time data, facilitating data-driven decision-making (DDDM) instead of relying sole

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October 15, 2023

Writing better AI prompts for Dashboard Generation

This comprehensive guide will provide you with detailed guidance on how to write highly effective AI prompts that will enable you to generate a wide variety of charts with utmost accuracy using the advanced Onvo AI platform. It is crucial to understand that by crafting clear, concise, and unambiguous prompts, you can significantly enhance the platform's AI capabilities, ensuring comprehension of your data and the subsequent production of insightful and visually appealing visualizations. Whether

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October 12, 2023

5 Embedded Analytics Benefits for Businesses

Data is the new currency. It drives innovation, informs critical decisions, and keeps businesses ahead of the competition. But how can organizations ensure that this valuable resource is not only accessible but also leveraged to its fullest potential? The answer lies in embedded analytics. In this article, we'll explore five compelling reasons why embedded analytics is no longer a choice but a necessity for modern businesses. 1. Empowering Data-Driven Decisions: Data is at the core of business

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October 9, 2023

Revamp Your Sales Dashboards: Ditch Excel for Better Data Visualization

If you're a small to medium sized business (SME), Microsoft Excel and Google Sheets are the go-to tools for tracking sales performance. Whether it’s Microsoft Excel or Google Sheets, most businesses use spreadsheet tools. These spreadsheet applications are ubiquitous, offering a familiar way to manage data. However, when it comes to data visualization and creating effective sales dashboards, they fall short. Excel: Not the Ideal Dashboard Tool While Excel boasts various data visualization feat

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October 6, 2023

What is Embedded Business Intelligence (BI)?

In the vast landscape of data-related terminologies, terms like business intelligence, data analytics, and data visualization often blend together. However, each of these has its unique nuances and applications. In this article, we delve into the world of embedded business intelligence, a newcomer in the realm of BI. What Exactly is Embedded Business Intelligence? Embedded business intelligence refers to the process of seamlessly integrating analytics capabilities into existing business applic

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October 4, 2023

Elevate Your Data Game: Discover the BI Alternatives to Non-Tech Teams

To unlock the full potential of your company's data, teams must have swift and effortless access to analyze it for valuable insights. However, internal data requests often consume your analysts' and engineers' valuable time, leading to bottlenecks. Consequently, this can impede your team's capacity to perform their tasks effectively, anticipate trends, and respond to evolving circumstances. Microsoft's Power BI serves as the favored business intelligence platform for many organizations, enablin

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September 27, 2023

Launch update: PostgreSQL integration

We are excited to announce that Onvo is now fully integrated with PostgreSQL. In fact we were able to dog-food this integration with our own data since Onvo AI runs on a postgreSQL database. Our integration allows users of Airtable to synchronize their data to Onvo with just one click to build AI powered dashboards and reports using PostgreSQL. What is PostgreSQL? PostgreSQL, also known as Postgres, is a free and open-source relational database management system emphasizing extensibility and

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