Launch update: Updated documentation and libraries

Launch update: Updated documentation and libraries

Onvo Admin
Onvo Admin
Feb 25, 20242 minute read

We're starting off the new year with a bang, we have rolled out updated documentation for Onvo AI as well as libraries re-written from scratch that let's you do more than ever.

Updated documentation

One of our most requested features has been updated documentation, both for developers and users, you can now find that at

With the new documentation, you get access to:

  1. A quickstart guide with step by step instructions adding your first datasource, creating your first dashboard and embedding it on your product.
  2. A concepts guide that takes you through the terminology used in Onvo AI as well as the fields in each object for developers.
  3. Documentation for installing and using each of our libraries.
  4. API references for all our APIs as well as playgrounds to try each of them out in the browser itself.
  5. Integrations docs that explains how to connect to each of our integrations and best practises.

Updated javascript library

We have updated our javascript library to have full access to all our APIs. We have also updated it to be able to run on the browser using a user access token instead of an API key that is useful for testing it out on the frontend before integrating it on a server. You can find it on:

New react component library

We have released a react library that lets you embed dashboards and other components into your react/next.js apps easily. In addition, all these components are completely customisable using CSS that make dashboards fit that much better into your products.

Roadmap for the future

We have open sourced our docs and our libraries so that contributors can suggest improvements and build out libraries for other languages. We have already started work on libraries for Ruby and Rust with work planned for Python, Java and component libraries for Angular and web components. You can find more details on our repo :

We are also looking for feedback and product suggestions that you can let us know here:

Embed dashboards within your products

Supercharge your data

Get started on creating your own personalized dashboards and charts with Onvo today! Tailor your data visualization experience to suit your needs and unlock insights like never before.