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Say goodbye to endless customization requests and the frustration of dealing with SQL queries. Build beautiful dashboards to showcase your data in the time it takes to make a cup of coffee.

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Why use Onvo

Better dashboards for you and your customers

Experience ultimate flexibility with our SDK's for intelligent data, with comprehensive features and a seamless integration. Effortlessly craft integrated dashboards and data visualizations using our intuitive no-code widget.

Easy Integration

Seamlessly integrate using our dev-friendly SDKs or alternatively develop directly on our platform.

Multiple data sources

Effortlessly link numerous data-sources, like SQL or NoSQL databases, and even custom API endpoints.


Data privacy

Crafted with a strong focus on data privacy, our tools are built to keep your data on your systems.

Powered by AI

Leveraging AI, you can now create custom dashboards and data visualizations effortlessly using a simple prompt.

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No more writing code, just ask AI

No need to worry anymore when your team or customers demand new dashboards or data visualizations. We save you valuable time and engineering resources, and ensuring a smoother user experience.

Connect data sources

Connect all your different types of data sources, including SQL and NoSQL, with ease.

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Integrate using our SDK

Utilize our SDK to seamlessly integrate with both your internal and customer-facing products.

Deploy to users

Make your products AI-compatible for users to easily get the results they want.


Empower your data workflow with native integrations

Access an expanding library of native integrations designed to seamlessly connect with your diverse array of data sources, whether they are SQL or NoSQL databases.

Community Collection

Featured collection of dashboards created by our users

Whether you are a host looking to streamline your Airbnb listings, a movie enthusiast wanting to catalog your collection, or an entrepreneur seeking insights for your online store, these dashboards showcase the possibilities. Dive in and let your creativity flow!

Grow fast, with us

Seamlessly integrate the transformative capabilities of artificial intelligence into your products, freeing up time and resources that would otherwise be invested in data analytics.


Higher Engagement

In-platform data analysis, eliminates the need to leave the platform.


Faster Turnaround Time

No more spending time to prioritize building data dashboards


Flexible pricing plan for your startup

Pricing that scales with your business immediately.

Billed Monthly
Billed Annually -20%


This plan lets you try out the product and use it for personal use cases with limited integrations

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  • Up to 2 dashboards & reports
  • Embed support for upto 10 external users
  • Unlimited data sources
  • Standard support


This plan is meant for smaller companies who want to start embedding dashboards & reports

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  • Upto 10 dashboards & reports
  • Embed support for upto 100 external users
  • Support for specialty data sources
  • Priority support


The plan is meant for companies that have custom data sources and need embedding functionality

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  • Upto 100 dashboards & reports
  • Embed support for upto 1000 external users
  • Support for custom data sources
  • Priority support


This plan is for enterprise users with stricter data regulations and on-premise requirements

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  • Unlimited dashboards & reports
  • Unlimited external users
  • On premise solution
  • Priority support + Installation

Join 100+ startups visualizing data with Onvo AI

  • Low-code implementation
  • Enable your business with AI
  • Better controls for your customers
  • 50% discount for startups
First get the top 5 states by sales volume. Then create a bar chart showing the sales volume in those states
Create a pie chart showing the sales volumes of New York and California
Create a bar chart showing the orders per month. The x axis should show the month and year in MM-YYYY format
Create an area chart that shows sales volume month over month. The x-axis should show the month in MM-YYYY format

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