Zoho People

Zoho People is a comprehensive HR management platform that allows businesses to streamline their HR processes. With Onvo integration, you can connect to Zoho People, pull in HR data, and leverage it to create insightful dashboards and reports.


How do I activate this integration?


First Step

Log in to your Onvo account, navigate to the Integrations page, and click on Connect next to the Zoho People card.


Second Step

You will be redirected to a page where you can enter your Zoho People account credentials and select the Zoho People product and module you want to connect.


Third Step

After authentication, return to Onvo's Data sources page and click on New data source.


Fourth Step

Provide a name for the data source, an optional description, and select Zoho People as the type. Then click on Connect.


Fifth Step

On the appearing page, specify the product and module. Click on Save changes to see your HR data descriptions and sample data.


What can I do with this integration?

You can import HR-related data from Zoho People as data sources on Onvo. The integration ensures that any updates in your Zoho People module are reflected in real-time on your dashboards.

Build interactive dashboards using your HR data, effortlessly creating widgets based on your visualization preferences. Ask questions in natural language to explore your HR data, and perform data pre-processing before visualization. Integrating dashboards into your products with the SDK is also supported.


Config parameters


Zoho People product identifier (e.g., "HRPro").


Zoho People module identifier (e.g., "EmployeeData").

Security considerations

Exercise caution and only share Zoho People modules that you intend to share with Onvo to prevent unintentional HR data exposure.