Elevate Your Customer Service with Onvo: 5 Inspiring Dashboard Examples

Elevate Your Customer Service with Onvo: 5 Inspiring Dashboard Examples

Rose Mary Francis
Rose Mary Francis
Jan 15, 20242 minute read

Building an effective Customer Service dashboard is an art that requires thoughtful consideration. While creating the initial version might be straightforward, refining it to provide valuable insights can involve trial and error. However, the effort is worthwhile, as customer service teams that invest time in crafting meaningful dashboards often experience significant performance improvements.

In this blog, we present five distinct customer service dashboard examples to inspire and guide you in constructing or enhancing your dashboards. These examples cover various aspects of customer support, offering insights into customer satisfaction, team collaboration, live chat management, overall performance overview, and individual agent performance.

The Customer Satisfaction Dashboard

A dedicated dashboard for monitoring customer satisfaction is essential for any customer support team. This dashboard focuses on providing a single, focused view of how satisfied customers are with your support at any given moment. Key metrics include Customer Satisfaction Score (CSAT), first response time, and requester wait time. Breaking down CSAT for specific channels or individual agents adds valuable insights and context.

The Global Team Dashboard

For distributed customer support teams, staying in sync can be challenging. This dashboard aims to provide agents working in different locations with a centralized point of reference. It focuses on team-level metrics, fostering camaraderie and integrating agents from various locations. Leaderboards highlight individual and team performance, adding a touch of friendly competition between offices.

The Live Chat Dashboard

Tailored for teams providing support through live chat, this dashboard monitors metrics specific to chat interactions. Key metrics include the number of chats in the queue, missed chats, average wait time, and a live feed of online agents. Grouping metrics into categories like "Today," "This week," and "Who's online?" ensures quick comprehension, helping teams stay on top of fluctuating chat volumes.

The Overview Dashboard

An overview dashboard offers a high-level perspective on the team's top-line metrics. Its purpose is to provide quick insights into essential metrics judged for team success. Metrics such as Customer Satisfaction (CSAT), First Response Time, and aggregated ticket metrics are displayed. This type of dashboard is ideal for quick glances and can be showcased in common areas to spark inter-team conversations.

The Individual Agent Dashboard

For a more granular understanding of performance, individual agent dashboards offer personalized views of metrics relevant to each agent. These dashboards serve as valuable tools for agents to monitor their impact, track detailed information, and facilitate 1-1 coaching for continuous improvement.

Elevate your customer service game with Onvo's intuitive dashboard solutions. Craft dashboards that inspire improvements in response times, CSAT scores, and overall team collaboration. Start your journey with Onvo today and transform your customer service experience!

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